World Malaria Report 2021

Submitted by on Thu, 02/03/2022 - 01:30

In this report, World Health Organization (WHO) surveys the extent of damage brought by the COVID-19 pandemic to the global malaria response, and outlines what is needed to get back on track and accelerate progress in the fight against one of our oldest and deadliest diseases. Globally, there were an estimated 241 million malaria cases in 2020 in 85 malaria endemic countries (including the territory of French Guiana), increasing from 227 million in 2019, with most of this increase coming from countries in the WHO African Region. Malaria case incidence (i.e. cases per 1000 population at risk) reduced from 81 in 2000 to 59 in 2015 and 56 in 2019, before increasing again to 59 in 2020. The increase in 2020 was associated with disruption to services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Uganda still faces a high burden of malaria accounting for 5% of the global cases.

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