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The Sustainable Development Report (SDR 2015)

The production of the Sustainable Development Reports (SDRs) has been innovated after the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) era. Beginning with 2015, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development will be producing the Sustainable Development Reports (SDRs) in a series every after three years; as a multidisciplinary product that will be in position to address development issues pertinent to Uganda’s transition and progression along the middle-income status path over the Vision 2040 time horizon. The SDRs will be complementing other flagship publications including the Poverty Status Report, Private Sector Development Report, Public Spending and Service Delivery Report and many others deemed necessary to produce according to the prevailing economic situation.

The SDRs are positioned to serve as an innovative policy tool for National engagement on new and differing expectations associated with economic integration and development cooperation in the post- Millennium Development Goals (MDG) era.


This first edition of SDRs; the SDR 2015, examined the content of sustainable development for Uganda with thematic focus on land use and management practices. Land is Uganda’s prime and critical asset in development which is a central issue in the country’s policy and development context because the way it is used and managed will play a key role in the achievement of the country’s vision with agriculture practiced on land, continuing to be a sector of strategic importance for Uganda’s Social economic transformation. The report was meant to serve as a vital resource of national reflection on the important subject of land use to propel the country’s’ transformation into a higher middle income status by 2040.


Source: MoFPED: Sustainable Development Report