The situation in schools in Uganda, a year after full reopening from the COVID-19 lockdowns

Submitted by on Fri, 09/01/2023 - 00:03

This brief explores the implications of the persistent school fees increment on student enrolment in Uganda. According to the Survey, seven (7) in every ten (10) surveyed schools further increased their fee charges in the first term of 2023, in addition to the increment made in September 2022 (third term of the previous academic year). Schools reported an increase in the enrollment of boys and a decrease in the enrollment of female students in the first term of 2023. School fees increment was the key reason for the decline in the female student enrollment, accounting for 44.1%, followed by pregnancy at 35.3%. In addition, the Brief sheds light on the curriculum changes that were effected upon full reopening of educational institutions from the pandemic-related lockdown in January 2022.

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