Regional Strategy for the Development of Statistics 2021-2025

Submitted by on Thu, 02/03/2022 - 01:36

The importance of statistical information for evidence-based public policy preparation, planning, decision-making, monitoring, evaluation and reporting on development progress cannot be emphasized enough. To that effect, provision of reliable data for the region constitutes part of the rationale for the formulation of the IGAD Regional Strategy for the Development of Statistics (IRSDS).

The IRSDS arises from the shortage of reliable statistical information to inform policy formulation and development planning at IGAD Secretariat, and its specialized institutions. The IRSDS is aimed to ensuring availability of quality data and indicators to meet IGAD’s statistical needs; comparability of regional statistics; effectiveness of regional statistical system in coordinating statistics value chain; raising of statistics profile; and enhancing statistical capacity in the IGAD region.

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