March 2022

Engendering Access to Justice for Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Study of Policy, Programming and Implementation

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Access to justice is a key component in ensuring the realization of all other rights contained within human rights frameworks as well as achieving SDG 16 holistically. Observably, the United Nations, and other development partners, have increasingly crafted new policies and programmes to broaden access to justice and increase empowerment as a poverty reduction tool. This brief recognizes the central role access to justice has towards realizing other human rights and combatting chronic poverty, as well as helping countries progress towards achieving the SDGs.


Putting Women at the Center of Uganda’s Economic Revival

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Uganda’s 18th Economic Update by the World Bank provides insights about the benefits of putting women at the center of Uganda’s Economic Revival. The Report demonstrates women’s economic empowerment as key to quickening and strengthening Uganda’s transformation agenda.

Global experience shows that increasing women’s rates of labor force participation as well as earnings, access to productive assets, and the ability to make independent decisions brings immediate benefits for women and also contributes to more sustained economic growth.


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The African Development Bank produces an annual survey on the performance of electricity regulatory bodies in African countries. The survey culminates in the Electricity Regulatory Index which measures the level of development in the electricity sector regulatory frameworks in Africa against international standards and best practices. The report covered 43 African countries in 2021.

The Index consists of three sub-indices:


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FY2021/22 Series

The MIND is a monthly publication. It contains Indicators updated on Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly frequencies. Consequently, it is prepared with a lag of one month, owing to the need to compile data that has been officially released following the end of the preceding month. The same principle applies to the Quarterly and Yearly data. 

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