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The Government Outlays Analysis Reports (GOARs) were one of the expected outputs under the MDG Reporting and Poverty monitoring component of the United Nations development Programme (UNDP) Country Programme Action Plan (2006-2010) for Uganda. They were being produced by the Economic Development Policy and Research Department of the MoFPED to track the trends and patterns of Public Expenditure and Development results on an annual basis. The (GOARs) served as an advocating tool for allocation of resources towards strategic interventions that could significantly contribute to the realisation of National Development objectives in general, and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in particular.


The Government Outlays Analysis Reports summarised the trend and pattern of government spending for both central and local government entities to reveal and expose efficiency/inefficiency and effectiveness/ineffectiveness in allocation and utilisation of public funds to MDAs and LGs.  The GOARs covered FY 2005/06, FY 2006/07, FY 2007/08, FY 2008/09 , FY 2009/10, FY 2010/11 and 2011/11. Recommendations were made in each of the annual  reports examining the degree of alignment between Government Outlays and the logic and priorities of the Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP) and National Development Plan (NDP I) respectively; which emphasized the critical role and significance of the these reports.


Source: MoFPED: The Economic Development Policy and Research Department