Governance and the State of Public Service Delivery in East Africa and the Horn of Africa Region: Impact on Peace and Security

Submitted by on Tue, 05/07/2024 - 11:49

This police brief does signify the links between effective governance, peace, security and development in Africa. It does make mention of how greater international investment and support for nationally led efforts, stressing “Africa knows best” as some of the best channels to resolve violence and building the capacity for peace and growth across the East African Community and the African continent as a whole.


Additionally, the brief links East Africa and the Horn of Africa’s governance and service delivery challenges to the region’s chronic insecurity and instability. The region is plagued by protests, insurgency and low-intensity communal conflicts, creating a vicious cycle where the destruction of infrastructure from violence and mass displacement affects access to services. Hence, the paper concludes with recommendations for establishing and improving inclusive governance processes while improving service delivery, enhancing security sector governance, and clarifying the linkages between governance/service delivery and conflict.


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