Digital technologies uptake still low in Ugandan Secondary and Tertiary institutions

Submitted by on Thu, 02/03/2022 - 00:59

This policy brief gives an insight on how the utilisation of digital technologies in the delivery of education services is still very low, leaving the majority of students to lag behind in a changing world. The brief highlights visible efforts to integrate digital technologies in education in Uganda. Teachers are still relying more on the traditional “chalk and talk” teaching method rather than embracing the use of digital technologies. This is attributed to several challenges such as; inadequate digital literacy skills among teachers/trainers, fragile ICT infrastructures such as expensive and inaccessible internet and unreliable electricity and high computer student ratios in schools/learning institutions. The brief recommends, among others, that Government, with support from partners and stakeholders, should provide teachers with relevant skills training to deal effectively with emerging technologies.

Read more: EPRC, December 2021