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Bank of Uganda publications are sourced from several departments within the Bank, which include;

  1. Economic Research Department that provides monthly monetary policy reports, Quarterly and Annual economic reports and Quarterly state of economy reports.
  2. The Statistics Department of Bank of Uganda disseminates a table of macroeconomic indicators to some of its stakeholders on a monthly basis.
  3.  Bank of Uganda publishes an annual Financial Stability Report which provides a broad assessment of the structure and vulnerability of the Ugandan financial system. The Report contains analyses and assessments of the stability of the financial system in Uganda.
  4. BoU staff journals are produced twice a year.

Reports of Bank of Uganda cover a range of economic monetary and fiscal issues as well as regulatory issues. The following are some of the coverage areas of reporting by BOU:

Monetary Policy Reports, State of the Economy Reports, BOU Annual Performance Reports, Research Bulletins,  BOU Statistical Abstract, Annual Supervision Reports, Financial Stability Reports, BOU Staff Research Papers Journal, Special Publications, Quarterly Interim Financial Statements, Survey Reports and many others. Information about the bank of Uganda reports can be accessed by visiting the following links.

Links to Publications and other statistics:;;

Financial Stability Reports: of Uganda Annual performance Reports:

Bank of Uganda Monetary Policy Statements -