International community

Uganda’s international community includes various development partners like UN agencies and private funding agencies or organisations. These are either multilateral or bilateral, and has played an important role in supporting national development strategies.

The development financing context in Uganda is a mixed picture with; external project financing which is currently half the size of government revenue and supports most non-recurrent expenditure, and projects which are increasingly delivered via a combination of vertical funds, NGOs, the private sector and directly to Local Governments, especially refugee support.

On behalf of Government of Uganda, Ministry of Finance, planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) is the primary port of call for many external actors, as it signs off on donor-country strategies and organizes annual Portfolio Reviews with each development partner. As a formal contribution to the Partnership Policy, MoFPED chairs the Development Committee (also attended by OPM and NPA), which is responsible for negotiating and signing project financial agreements (for on-budget projects) and ensuring their compliance with Partnership Policy, NDP, sector strategies and budgets.

Under National Development Plan III (FY 2020/21 – 2024/25), Government intends to increase coordination of development initiatives by development partners and NGO/CSOs as well as strengthening the partnerships with the private sector to ensure all resources are deployed in the implementation of the same set of development priorities.