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This Report comprises of information on the performance of the Pension Sector over the years. The 2021 digest presents a range of demographic indicators relevant to retirement savings within Uganda and across the East African region. It presents the non-financial information and key financial aspects, such as Contributions, Benefits, Expenses, Assets, Investments and their performance, both over the past year and the longer term.

According to the Report, Pension Sector assets increased by 16.8% from Ushs. 15.4 trillion in 2020, to Ushs. 18 trillion in 2021 accounting for 12.2% of GDP. Total contributions were recorded at Ushs. 1.67 trillion in 2021 compared to Ushs 1.58 trillion in 2020. Over the last five years, contributions have grown at an average rate of 11.8%. Increase in contributions is attributed to the increased membership in the Retirement Benefit Schemes.