TotalEnergies EP Partners with NFA to Conserve Uganda’s Largest Forest Reserve (CFR)

Submitted by on Tue, 05/07/2024 - 12:39

TotalEnergies entered into a five-year partnership with NFA to conserve and restore Uganda’s largest central forest reserve. Bundongo CFR situated in Albertine rift is the largest mahogany forest in East Africa and is estimate to accommodate 600-800 chimpanzees.

Budongo is threatened by human activities as populations around it continue to swell e.g. illegal logging and production of charcoal

Government plans to increase the country’s forest cover to 15 percent by 2025 and 18 percent by 2030. Therefore, this partnership is aimed at raising awareness of Budongo’s immense biodiversity value and support NFA’s efforts in conservation and management of CFRs.