New Developments in the Electricity Amendment Act, 2022

Submitted by on Tue, 11/08/2022 - 17:09

The electricity Amendment Act, 2022 was enacted into law in May 2022 to resolve certain inconsistencies in the law (Electricity Act, 1999). The inconsistencies included: Lack of flexibility in the implementation of the Principal Act; lack of streamlined operations of the electricity sector; failure to effectively address issues relating to the responsibilities of institutions; inadequate compliance enforcement mechanisms; insufficient penalties for electricity theft and, vandalism of electrical facilities.

A summary of the provisions in lieu of the above bottlenecks is highlighted in the Policy Brief including creating and increasing the rate of fines and imprisonment and new offenses that did not exist in the Principal Act.

The Policy Brief further observes that effective implementation of the provisions in the amended Act will be key in fostering a vibrant and competitive electricity sector in the country.

Read more: Uganda-Electricity-Amendment-Act-2022.pdf (