National Information Technology Survey Report, 2022

Submitted by on Thu, 03/14/2024 - 13:45

This third series of the National Information Technology (IT) Survey by National Information Technology Authority-Uganda (NITA-U) delivers information on several IT sector indicators across Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs); Local Governments (LGs); and households and individuals coupled with businesses. The report highlights performance on availability, access, usage, affordability and satisfaction with IT infrastructure, equipment and services across these groups. Overall, this survey indicated that significant progress has been achieved in penetration and utilization of IT services.

Albeit this progress, there exists a wide disparity in terms of access and usage of such services across the country, majorly rural-urban, gender and income based divides as well as at the sub-regional level. The survey proposes several recommendations such as ensuring that all MDAs and LGAs have guiding ICT policies to effectively deliver public services, increasing the penetration and usage of computers at MDA and LGA levels, reducing cost of internet access by leveraging Public-Private Partnerships, extension of fibre across the country and addressing cyber security to address barriers to access and usage.