Economic growth

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Uganda’s economy remained resilient amidst national, regional and international challenges in FY 2016/17. The resilience of the economy was mainly attributed to the employed prudent monetary and fiscal policy measures.  The economy expanded by 4.0 percent and inflation remained within single digit, averaging 5.7 percent. Inflation was within the Government’s long-term target of 5 percent and in line with the meeting EAC Convergence criteria for 2021. This report provides a review of the major developments that are in line with the country’s aspirations reflected in Vision 2040 and the Second National Development Plan. 


The table below indicates the Growth of GDP in real terms for the last six years with information from UBOS.

The table brings clear how GDP at market prices in Agriculture, Fisheries and fishing; industry and Services has been growing over the preceding six years:


Table1. 1: Real GDP Growth Rates from FY2011/12 to FY2016/17

Source: Uganda Bureau of Statistics