Digital Transformation Roadmap, FY2023/24-2027/28.

Submitted by on Thu, 03/14/2024 - 13:46

Uganda launched its Digital Transformation Roadmap in April 2023 as an implementation tool aimed to speed up the country’s digital revolution. The roadmap that spans a period of five years (FY2023/24-2027/28) spells out key enablers aimed at actualizing aspirations embedded in the Digital Uganda Vision. These include attaining 90% household connectivity; 90% broadband coverage by geography; and 90% citizens accessing e-services online, among others by 2040.

This roadmap clearly outlines a comprehensive implementation plan to realize its vision and objectives. These objectives include enhancing digital infrastructure and connectivity; promoting digital services; fostering innovation and entrepreneurship; empowering digital skills and literacy and promoting cyber security, data protection and privacy in order to guide Uganda’s digital transformation agenda.

Even though Uganda has made significant progress in developing the legal and regulatory environment for digital transformation, developing e-services and improving cyber security, more efforts to improve the digital landscape is still required. These include integration of e-services, expansion of ICT infrastructure, acceleration of digital skilling, reduction of internet costs, increased innovation and the application of emerging technologies.