Africa's Climate and Development Future

Submitted by on Thu, 08/31/2023 - 18:48

Climate investment involves selecting sustainable strategies where climate risks and or opportunities are key considerations. With climate investments, Africa can encounter some of its socio-economic needs as well as model perseverance. This policy brief reveals the magnitude of expansion potential for Africa shown by the Agenda 2063 scenarios, which may surface in the company of escalated carbon emissions in the event that it is pursued in a fossil fuel-driven paradigm. For example, with the advent of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement manufacturing. The mingling of climate change-driven scarcity and non-climate-related drivers such as inequitable distribution and poor management of resources, poverty, resource scarcity, and a less than effective security architecture combined with a weak rule of law, can fuel socioeconomic and political instability in Africa and create paths to more conflict.

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