April 2016


Uganda’s planning process is encompassed on the Comprehensive National Development Planning Framework (CNDPF) which was introduced in 2007 as the country’s strategic planning framework.  The CNDPF presents a synchronized and holistic approach to development planning intended to deliver long-term development aspirations of the nation. It comprises five principal elements namely; a 30 year national vision, 10 year national development plan, 5 year national development plans and annual plans and budgets as shown in the diagram below;


Uganda’s policy management process is depicted in four stages through which the government makes, elaborates, gives legal and financial effects to, and actually delivers its policy commitments.

Stage 1:  The Executive sets broad policy commitments binding it to implement a      particular set of actions.

Stage 2:  Departments/ Ministries prepare policy and budget proposals to deliver on the broad policy commitments.