February 2023

The State of Uganda Population Report 2022

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The third National Development Plan identifies human capital development as one of the fundamentals to accelerate the country’s transformation and harness the Demographic Dividend. The Demographic Dividend is the benefit that may arise from a change in the population age structure when the working (and productive) population is more than the dependents.


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FY2022/23 Series

The MIND is a monthly publication. It contains Indicators updated on Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly frequencies. Consequently, it is prepared with a lag of one month, owing to the need to compile data that has been officially released following the end of the preceding month. The same principle applies to the Quarterly and Yearly data.  

Download the PDF Version below:

Final MIND - February 2023_1.pdf

Africa Industrialization Index 2022

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Industrialization is fundamental to Africa’s development. According to the Africa Industrialization Index 2022 report, Africa’s rapid growing internal markets and large labour force are an impetus for industrial development. However, industrial development has grown at a slow pace. The Africa Industrialization Index (AII) is a flagship initiative by the African Development Bank (AfDB) aimed at strengthening data on Africa’s industrial development.