January 2023

NEMA- Issues Certificate Of Approval To Makuutu Rare Earth Elements Project

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The National Environment Act N0.5, 2019 necessitates any project that anticipates to have any substantial environmental impact to undertake an Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). The purpose of ESIA is to assess and predict adverse social and environmental impacts and to develop suitable mitigation measures, which are documented in an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP).

What Does the Sustained Increase in Global Fuel Prices Mean for Uganda

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By July 2022, the domestic price for diesel and petrol in Uganda had increased by 71.5 percent and 56.1 percent respectively compared to July 2021. A time when the economy was still struggling to rebound from the devastating effects of COVID-19.

The global energy crisis directly affects local fuel prices and therefore the economy. However, domestic policy actions can influence tax-related costs, distribution, and profit margin but not the international crude oil price. As a result, the Government of Uganda did not intervene to curb the escalating prices.

Annual Migration and Tourism Report 2021

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Travel and tourism is one of the largest and strongest pillars of the modern economy, globally. Immigration registration cards are one of the sources of tourism statistics completed by international travellers at the arrival and departure points. As a result, this report presents data on Uganda entry/exit points along the boarders i.e. travellers entering the country, departures, age, sex composition, length of stay, residential status, etc.

Inline with the Human Capital Development Porgramme’s objective of improving population health, safety and management during the NDPIII period, Parliament of Uganda passed the Uganda Human Organ Donation and Transplant Bill, 2022 in September, 2022

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The Bill seeks to establish a legal framework for organ, cell and tissue transplants within the country. Additionally, the Bill also establishes the Uganda Organ and Transplant Council to oversee and regulate organ and cell donation and transplants. Othe Bills, passed by the Parliamentary Pensions (Amendment) Bill, 2022; and the Computer Misuse (Amendment) Bill, 2022, with amendments.

Government of the Republic of Uganda signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with National Forensics Science University of India focussed at the establishment of the National Forensics Science University (NFSU)

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The MoU was signed the Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs on behalf of Uganda while the vice chancellor of the NFSU signed on behalf of the Indian Government. The MoU is focussed at the establishment of the National Forensics Science University (NFSU) campus in Uganda to provide specialized training to security and law enforcement agencies as well as other sectors of Government. The establishment of the NFSU campus in Uganda will greatly improve on the efficiency of security agencies not only in Uganda but the region at large.

EAC signs MoU with Arcadia University, USA, to operationalise the Nyerere Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution in Arusha, Tanzania

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In September 2022, EAC and Arcadia University, USA, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate in the operationalization of the Nyerere Center for Peace and Conflict resolution in Arusha, Tanzania. The MoU was signed at the Arcadia University, Pennsylvania, USA, and establishes the framework for operations of the Nyerere Center for Peace Research and the terms of the operational partnership between the EAC, the International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) program at Arcadia University, and the American Graduate School for International Relations and Diplomacy.

UPDF Commissions Biometric System to streamline personnel accountability at work

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In September 2022, the Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) of the UPDF commissioned and launched the biometrics systems and Uganda Peoples Defence Forces Identity Cards at the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs (MODVA) Headquarters at Mbuya. The CDF applauded the Chieftaincy of Integrated Resource Management Information System (CIRMIS) for the upgrade made on the biometrics. The upgrade was cited to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the system thus improving work processes and service delivery. The CIRMIS seeks to streamline personnel accountability at work.

Improving Tax Expenditures’ Reporting in Uganda for Improved Social Economic Benefits

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Overtime, Tax expenditures have often been used to provide a form of subsidy to influence or incentivise engagement in certain activities such as increased investment in key sectors which will create forward and backward linkages to create more jobs and increased revenue in the long run. Therefore, Government will periodically assess and report on the impact of these incentives. The impact of these incentives ranges from number of jobs created, investments attracted, exports revenue foregone, among others.

Post‐COVID‐19 Recovery for African Economies: Lessons for Digital Financial Inclusion from Kenya and Uganda

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This paper draws on lessons from the EAC region (Kenya and Uganda specifically). The study analyses the drivers of digital financial inclusion as a pathway for financing post‐COVID‐19 recovery. The paper further identifies that digital financial inclusion is higher in middle‐aged male digital users with more sim cards registered in their names. Results also show that users who trust mobile money agents were likely to use more digital financial platforms than others.